About Us

D&R Jointing Services is a small yet popular and genuine company which was first established 14 years ago. Initially offering Jointing Services, D&R Jointing continued to develop its capability with an annual turnover of £938,000 in 2014.

All operational staff at D&R Jointing Services hold ESP, GTC and UKPN (SPN, LPN, EPN) Authorisations.

Two of our Jointers are Tyco approved installers and are accredited up to 132KV, whilst a further four are currently accredited to 33KV and two more are in training.

We offer SAP services to 11KV, both in SPN and LPN areas, as well as three multi-skilled fitting teams: pilot and telephone jointing, and electrical installation consultancy.

We have sub-contract arrangements with the following:

- NICEIC accredited Electrical Sub-Contractor
- Fibre Jointing Splicing
- Fault Location (particularly Sheath Faults and Repair)

Although here at D&R Jointing Services we are currently busy with a steady flow of work, we are constantly looking to develop and grow as a company.

With our current staff, we have the potential to increase our jointing capacity by two teams. We also have the availability of additional SAP support when this is required.

We have other jointing resources, including additional 132KV jointers, when this is required.

As a company, we are confident that we can continue to offer the same level of commitment and keep growing, enabling us to offer unrivalled packages to our clients.