“I have used D&R Jointing Services since their inception at numerous companies I have worked for both past and present and can honestly say the quality of workmanship and service delivered goes above and beyond expectation.

Being a relatively small company, quality is closely controlled via a small select delivery team and who have all been through extensive training is either DNO’s or Major cable contractors and carry all the required authorisations. I have never had a joint failure associated with the workmanship of D&R Jointing services that have carried out hundreds if not thousands, of joints at LV, 11kV and 33kV. Richard Taylor, joint owner, used to work alongside myself as an apprentice cable jointer when I was a cable jointer 26 years ago at London Electricity.

Service is always timely and accommodating and all the guys go above and beyond to satisfy, please and surpass expectation.

Whilst starting as cable jointing contractors they have now developed into offering full turnkey solutions including SAP services. One SAP, Mike Jessup, was also an ex-colleague and friend is second to none with regards to safety awareness and operational compliance, especially on UKPN network but is also very competent on different types of private networks.

Lastly D&R Jointing services provide me unrivalled value for money and have never been commercially aggressive with variations.

Given all of the above I would not hesitate to recommend adding D&R Jointing Services to your list of approved subcontractors.”

David Rough – Freedom


“We have been working with D&R Jointing Services Ltd for a number of years now and based on their past and current record for delivering a top quality service, safely, on time and to budget, we will continue to build pit close working relationship with them. The key areas that we utilise D&R Jointing Services Ltd are UKPN (LPN area) and our ICP Works on various PV Farm Works.

Due to the skill sets within D&R Jointing Services LTD, we use them to compliment our in-house resources by providing the following services:

-          Jointing: 11kV & 33kV including all intermediate and final testing

-          Fitting: 11kV & 33kV including all testing and final commissioning

-          Provision of senior authorised person: provision of a LPN senior authorised person to support our current SAP’s on projects within LPN.

-          Site services: provision of technical support on solar farm projects.

As well as providing the actual resources on site to undertake works on our behalf, the backroom support that they provide, ensures that their works are completed in accordance with both Modus and our clients particular requirements.

To date, we have had an excellent service from D&R Jointing Services Ltd and is the main reason that they are our main key supply chain partner for our electrical business sector.

Therefore, we would have no hesitation in recommending them for work.”

John Cahill – Modus

“D&R Jointing Services are a professional, reliable and flexible outfit, who always go the extra mile to help us.

It has been a pleasure over recent years to work with D&R as their workmanship and attitude towards Health & Safety is first class.

All the D&R jointers are friends and are happy to advise us when we are ordering kit or helping us to co-ordinate scaffold requirements and cable laying activities.

They are competitively priced and have never failed to meet a programme.”

Jennifer Bland - UKPN